the story of a collage

One day I had a very smart collective, la Froge: eight joung and beautiful guys looking for succes and glory, but, above all, for pencils with a good lead and white sheeps.
LA FROGE Ø is the first and unique illustrated fanzine we print, based on the idea of  “cadavere squisito”. This number is  very rare and precious for us (only 100 numerated copies)..
Now the collective it’s spread in the word (of job, study and individual project)…that is a nice way to say it’s dead.
But some copies of the fanzine are left, write me if you’re curios or if you like to receive one.

but life goes on dears!

my friend marco, a graphic designer and artistic director, invites my collage  at BOLO MAGAZINE, a beautiful, rich, coloured and sophisticated project,   “a magazine | a blogfolio | a good thing ”
give a look!



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