Phase duo
Eloisa Manera violino
Stefano Greco aka Fana dj/producer, monochord e live electronics
video e live visuals: Cristina Crippi
production: musicamorfosi
creative direction musical project: Saul Beretta
@Blau Studio, Milan



Phase duo is a group composed by Eloisa Manera and Stefano Greco, producer, sound designer and dj. He has an unrestrained passion for polyrhythms, Africa and Mussorgsky and comes from the Milanese electronic music scene. She is a violinist, composer and improvisator who comes from the Classical music world. She has played with Mario Brunello and Herbie Hancock; her talent knows no bounds. She was included in the top 10 Women who are changing the Jazz scene by Musica Jazz Magazine, a monthly periodical. They began playing together in the bosom of the Musicamorfosi collective mixing their different styles and musical backgrounds. Their first project is a mix or better said a live remix of minimal music by Steve Reich and Terry Riley. This led them to write and experiment between live and electronic original compositions and minimal Indian Raga pieces.

The live, real time video are by Cristina Crippi who aims to develop a creative, personal multimedia language. She works on independent cinematographic projects in the visual arts field.

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