Naked Forest

Naked Forest is a personal project, a series of photos shooted with my dear polaroid, somewhere close to Como.
It was my first photographic experience with a nude, exciting. I prefer polaroid to a digital reflex ’cause imperfections, time of wait for development process and the surprise for unexpected pictures that analogic offers, better fits for the purpose.
It was an intense and unusual experience form me: I love that images and I’m grateful to my model and friend.
(here above: only  a part of the work)

Several months later (30 october 2011) I presented the work in Muggiò (Italy) at ” il vino e l’arte, l’arte del vino”  a wine tasting and a collective exhibition by FISAR Monza e Brianza ( a federation of italians sommeliers).

artists: Alberto Peppoloni, Alessandro Borgonovo, Alberto Zanardo, Elisa Dell’Orto e Jan Zamboni, Francesca Fawn Masperi, Giorgia Ramunni, ME –  Jazz music by Chromatic Escape Trio.
Thanks to AZ


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