700 POP

The pop revolution of ’700
A mixed media concert around the ’700 symphony of Milan and popoular spread of music of the time.
Colourful videos divide the concert in chapters, adding and an aesthetics and dramaturgical meaning, playing between the concept of modern POP ART to tell a 700′s Italian musical background.
composers: Giovanni Bianchi, Fortunato Chelleri, Antonio Vivaldi, Giambattista Sammartini, Antonio Brioschi, Melchiorre Chiesa, Francesco Zappa

year: 2013
idea, direction, shooting e video editing, live video set (modul8): ME
artistic direction and sounds: Saul Beretta
text and drama of the concert: Andrea Taddei
voice, actress: Debora Mancini
orchestra: Atalanta Fugiens directed by Vanni Moretto
production: musicamorfosi musicamorfosi.it

PICS: Thanks to Maurizio Anderlini, Giorgio Cottini, Antonello Longo
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